Laine Sullivan, a former NOVAS undercover operative and internationally known architectural designer, comes out of retirement to take an assignment in County Mayo, IrelandBlackrock New Cover. The operation is riddled with secrets—money laundering, murder, hidden agendas, and false identities. Laine takes action when she accepts Miles Bourke’s invitation to design a party room in his lighthouse tower on Blackrock Island. As she embarks on a promising new relationship with Bourke, her new boss, she struggles with her past—and her quest for the truth in a covert world of espionage. Burke’s Blackrock is a masterful work of psychological intricacy bringing to life a modern heroine who is thwarted by people who are prepared to kill, and kill again. Readers will not forget a memorable character enmeshed in a world of power, greed, and passion. The unexpected complication echoes suspense in this gripping thriller.